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Hailee and Kendra (TikTok) Bio, Wiki, Age, Wedding, Net Worth

Hailee and Kendra’s Biography

Hailee and Kendra are an American gay couple. They are both TikTok stars, content creators, and social media personalities. They have more than 8.8 million followers on their verified TikTok account.

Likewise, the duo uploads content on their @haileeandkendra Instagram account where they are followed by over 1.1 million people. On YouTube, they debuted with a video titled “Hailee and Kendra TikTok – Pick up lines”.

Wiki and Facts

Full Name Still Unclear
Age 30 years old
Birthday (Hailee) 31st July, (Kendra) 26th April 
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married
Height 5 feet 5 inches (Hailee) and 5 feet 4 inches (Kendra)
Known For Their @haileeandkendra TikTok account
Zodiac Sign Leo (Hailee) Taurus (Hailee)
Net Worth $1.5 million- $2 million

Hailee and Kendra’s Age

They are both 30 years old (2024). Hailee was born on July 19, 1994, in Dallas, Texas while Kendra was born on April 26, 1994, in North Carolina. Their birthdays occur every year on the 19th of July and 26th of April respectively. 

Hailee and Kendra’s Height

Hailee stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and her wife at 5 feet 4 inches respectively.


They have not disclosed their weight.

Father, Mother, Brother – Family

Kendra was born and brought up in North Carolina, United States. It is known that her family was unorthodox. She had two mothers and a father, and they were all married. On the other hand, Hailee was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas, United States. However, their identities are still unclear to the public.


Hailee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with a minor in Art Therapy. Kendra earned her Master’s in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a focus in Criminal Justice. 

Hailee and Kendra Married

Hailee and Kendra have been happily married for 5 years now. Initially, the couple met at a homosexual nightclub in St. Louis where Kendra approached Hailee. Afterward, Hailee met Kendra’s parents at a rock concert, while Kendra met Hailee’s parents in North Carolina on New Year’s Eve. 

They got officially engaged in 2019, went viral in 2020, and tied the knot in 2022. They disclosed that they would love to have children through adoption in an AMA session on YouTube.

TikTok Career

Hailee and Kendra are TikTok stars whose content is characterized by their lifestyle, humor, and meme-related video clips. Most noteworthy, their @haileeandkendra TikTok account has over 9 million followers.

Hailee and Kendra‘s Net Worth

Citing their career, they sit at an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million – $2 Million (Approx.) as of 2024.

Houses, Cars, and Luxury Brands

The TikTok Stars have not disclosed any details regarding their house, cars, and luxury brand in 2024. However, we are keeping tabs and will update the information immediately.

Awards and Accomplishments

The gay couple have won several awards for their work. They are among the most decorated TikTok stars in their profession and their work has been praised by critics and fans alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hailee and Kendra

Where Were the Couple Born?

They were born in Dallas, Texas, and North Carolina respectively.

How Old is the Couple?

They are both 30 years old.

How Tall are They?

Hailee is 5 feet 5 inches and Kendra is 5 feet 4 inches.

Is Hailee and Kendra Married?

Yes. They are openly gay and were officially married in 2022. 

How much is Hailee and Kendra’s net worth?

They have an approximate net worth of $1.5 Million – $2 Million (Approx.).

What is the couple famous for?

They are widely known for their @haileeandkendra TikTok account.

Where does the duo live?

They currently reside in the United States.

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